We're Megan & Ray.

Husband & Wife. Lovers of Coffee & Adventure. Best Friends.


We are a husband and wife wedding photography team inspired by love and the beauty of the world around us!  

We are both born and raised New Englanders. Megan is from Western Massachusetts and Ray is from Southern Connecticut. We love being outside - in the woods, on a trail or along the coast.  Our favorite outdoor moments are usually in the glow of sunset.  Anywhere we can experience the beauty of the world around us, we are happy campers!  We fell madly in love with each changing season and just got married in November 2017! 

Photography has been something Megan has loved since she received her parents’ old point-and-shoot as a young girl.  After starting Megan Fuss Photography in 2013, her hobby blossomed into a creative passion.  After being the subject of her camera constantly, Ray decided to figure out this photography hobby she loves so much - and he was hooked!  

We decided to not only combine their lives but also to share in this business together - moving forward as Branch and Breton Photography!

BranchandBreton Photography Minnewaska State Park New York Sunset
Courtesy of HereNorth Photography.

Courtesy of HereNorth Photography.

Why Branch & Breton?

When Ray proposed, it became obvious that this was the perfect time to rebrand our business.  It was more than just changing names because Megan's last name would be changing. Instead, we both viewed this as an opportunity to create a brand cohesive in name and look.  Breton is our last name so that was part of the equation.  

But why Branch?  We saw tree branches as a symbol of growth, endurance and strength. Those qualities are the same qualities we feel represent love and families - growth in our family by marriage, birth or adoptions, endurance through all the changes we experience in life, and strength to continue to support and expand in our love.  We love real life and we love seeing love in its true form.  

So as you and your family grows and changes, we want to see those beautiful moments and share in them with you.  

Some things we love:

Engagement Sunset Minnewaska New York

Spontaneously dancing in the rain

Lattes & Hot Chocolate

The sound of crunchy leaves under our feet

Cuddling on the couch watching Parks & Rec reruns

Engagement Dress Minnewaska New York Photography

Engagement Love Sunset Minnewaska Park New York

Let's Stay in Touch!

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So let's be friends!